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Ember App Kit

A template for ambitious web applications

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This project is deprecated

This project has been replaced with: ember-cli


Ember App Kit (EAK) lets you develop, build, and test ambitious Ember.js applications.

EAK is a community effort to come up with the ideal project structure for Ember.js projects. Its Grunt based asset pipeline lets you get real work done today. However, the goal is to eventually replace EAK with ember-cli, a faster, more user-friendly command line tool which is currently under development.

Asset Compilation

Ember App Kit has support for:

All of this compilation happens in the background while you’re developing, rebuilding each time you change a file.


Ember App Kit uses the ES6 Module Transpiler, which turns ES6 module syntax into AMD (RequireJS-style) modules. Using the transpiler, you can write code using tomorrow’s syntax, today.

In the past, building an Ember application with any sort of module system required lots of manual wiring-up of pieces. With the custom resolver included in Ember App Kit, though, your modules are automatically used when needed. Your route in routes/post.js will know to use the controller in controllers/post.js and the template in templates/post.hbs. Of course, if your application does need to explicitly include a module, it’s only an import statement away.


All apps built with EAK are preconfigured to use QUnit, the Ember Testing package, and the Testem test runner. These tools, along with the same module system as your application, make both unit and integration tests a breeze to write.

Dependency Management

Ember App Kit uses the Bower package manager, making it easy to keep your front-end dependencies up to date.

And More

Ember App Kit is an ongoing community effort, and efforts continue to find the easiest ways to architect applications. We welcome your issues and PRs for features, bug fixes, and anything that would improve your quality of life as an Ember developer.